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E-Commerce or how to create your online business 1

E-Commerce or how to create your online business


E-Commerce or how to create your online business

Pandemic, telecommuting, online classes, e-commerce … Without a doubt, if we had to make a ranking of the most used words this period 2020-2021, all of the above would enter. Specifically, today I want to focus on the last one: e-commerce or electronic commerce. A term that is in its fullness. But, what is an e-commerce and why has it become essential in the economic sector? What role does the design studio play in all this? begin with, note that “e-commerce” is synonymous with being able to buy through the screen. A product that reaches the customer at the click of a button. That is: the concept that encompasses online purchases and sales. In other words: being able to say that the online store is a reality. That on your website or page, you can reach the end customer in a more direct, instantaneous and global way and, on top of that, making it super easy. Internet and its wonders. In fact, there is no longer any corporate quality strategy in which at least the creation of a web page is avoided. You have to be visible online. And it is that the public has changed its consumption habits… and more so with the arrival of the coronavirus. Design and programming online stores

The ecommerce boom with COVID-19

The figures don’t lie: online purchases in Spain increased by almost 30% in 2020. The e-commerce boom has been a revolution: look at the menu of your favorite restaurant, make an appointment at the hairdresser or simply treat yourself ; It is already possible to do it through the web. Or rather: it already was, but we didn’t take advantage of that opportunity. As I said before, the New Normality was going to bring a New Advertising< /a>, a digital change in which we continue to participate. The heyday of e-commerce is the consequence of a well-done digital marketing. And also -why fool ourselves-, the flourishing of e-commerce is a consequence of the need to be confined. Every cloud has a silver lining.

The role of web design in the online store

In this way, we, the graphic designers who work on the creative strategy of websites, are in charge of capturing on the screen those sensations that you experience when you enter, for example, at the neighborhood store. That vendor may no longer greet you in the same way, but you will be able to purchase his products when and where you want; from your e-commerce or digital sales platform. The graphic design is very necessary for any e-commerce. We create a visual identity and, even if it is through the web, we continue to reflect that essence of lifelong commerce. Hence, our importance in this particular boom.

E-commerce also in biker pants

Of course, in Cobbers know that the Technology is always synonymous with progress. Therefore, creating an e-commerce was essential for them and thus be able to have their products visible to a large audience. And it is that this brand is known for its specialized pants to go on two wheels. These biker pants or over pants are light and insulate the heat, since they protect from the cold or the rain. So now you know, if you come by motorcycle to our design and brand strategy studio in Donostia, Cobbers is ideal for you. There is no sirimiri and rain that can resist him. Even for the days when he juggles…
And you, do you want to stop by our design me studio? Do you want to pay us a visit? If you can’t physically come, nothing happens! Diseñame is not an e-commerce; but, as you are already seeing, we do have a website… and a telephone number (943 055 136) and < strong>social networks and email ( Delighted, I will solve all your doubts!🙃

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